Felt Heart Fairy Wands

Felt Heart Fairy Wands

Felt Heart Fairy Wands

Felt Heart Fairy Wands Oh Christmas is a distant memory (of about a week ago!) and we are thinking about Valentine’s Day already? Felt Heart Fairy Wands you say? Oh go on then…

Well, some of us are, and the hearts are everywhere! I know, felt hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day right? Haha – well, stop me… I think I see an avalanche of heart-themed crafts about to hit Fun Crafts Kids, but really, I know I won’t hear anyone complaining…

These gorgeous Felt Heart Fairy Wands we spotted over on letsdosomethingcrafty.com have so much that we love about them. The sticks of the wand are made of… sticks! And you know how much we love to incorporate nature into our crafts… why???

Well, glad you asked…. A wise woman once told me, “never say to a child, ‘let’s go for a walk’ – always say ‘let’s go on an adventure’ – works every time!”

And this is so true! Make sure you take a bucket or a bag with you on the ‘adventure’ and encourage the child to collect treasures along the way, treasures that you can craft with later… These sticks are just a perfect example – Felt Heart Fairy Wands need sticks don’t they??? So be on the look out for wand shaped sticks, just the right length – and before you know it, you’ve managed to get your child, and yourself, out into the fresh air, planning and using your imagination without even realising that you are getting exercise too!

And on the walk back to the home, you can chat about all of the little bits of material and felt offcuts you will be using up (think Zero waste!) and plan your wand creations…

For the full instructions on how to make these Felt Heart Fairy Wands be sure to visit  letsdosomethingcrafty.com

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