Formula Milk scoop crafts

Formula Milk scoop crafts

We had a request from a follower this week for fun and creative things to do with those plastic formula milk scoops – and found her some really fun crafts!

With so much focus (thank goodness) these days on the plastic we consume, we are trying to get as much out of these very disposable things as possible – so recycled crafts can do this, and teach us about the environment at the same time – such a great talking point – let’s look at what we can make with the formula milk scoop spoons!


This is fab – a mirror! dollarstorecrafts formula-scoop-starburst-mirror

If you are feeling creative, pull together your plastic destined for landfill, and MAKE FACES! Love this formula milk scoop spoon face craft

We love this – using a formula spoon in every day sensory play – discovered over on instagram here.

And here’s another – really cute helicopters made from formula scoops.

Really simple, yet effective baby rattle made with formula spoons, discovered over on Pinterest

Funny little snowmen, created using the baby formula spoons here

Whilst we are on snowmen – how about using them for your snowman’s pipe? First, paint any colour you want. Smear glue inside the scoop, then stuff cotton wool. and a white pipecleaner inside. Voila a pipe!

Side note: Plastic can be fantastic – but please do dismantle and pop them in the recycling bin when you are having a craft clear-out though, as we don’t want them falling into landfill.

You’ll find loads more upcycling inspiration on our instagram and facebook pages, be sure to tag us if you’d like to be featured too!

And for more plastic upcycling projects click here.

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