fox embroidered pocket

fox embroidered pocket

Fox embroidered pocket

fox embroidered pocketIf any of you have ever tried your hand at embroidery, check out this Fox embroidered pocket, isn’t it just so adorable!

A great way to bring a plain shirt to life, and a bit of fun too… and embroidery is so therapeutic – something you can do whilst watching telly in the evening, or watching the kids play in the park – and you can be as creative as you like. We suggest going to pinterest and find illustration styles you like, copy them out, and pick your embroidery threads…* and get embroidering!

We have been to the charity shop and bought a few plain bits which we’d normally overlook, so this holiday we’re going to have a go at embroidering our own designs… so excited to get started!

It’s a very relaxing craft, and one that can be undertaken by quite young children too, start with the basics. This “Amazing Stitching Handbook for Kids: 17 Embroidery Stitches 15 Fun & Easy Projects book” for all the basics looks lovely, and a great way to get started with embroidery too…

For more inspiration, check out

The handbook for kids can be found here in the US  and here in the UK 

find your skeins of threads here in the US  and here in the UK

*aff links for your convenience

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