Fox Mask DIY

Fox Mask DIY


Fox Mask DIYIt’s back to the age old subject – and problem for some, the kid that doesn’t enjoy ‘dress up day’ at school – and how do we simplify things for them…

One way is to find a simple mask which they can wear to ‘join in’ and then take off when they have had enough. We find this works well, as they can wear pretty regular clothes with something like this – for example for a FOX costume, brown T, brown trousers and a FOX mask DIY and you’re a, ummm, fox!

Another problem some children have is the ribbon around the back of the head, again we have remedied this previously ourselves with adding a stick, to attach the mask to, so that they hold it, in their little hands, like at an old fashioned masked ball!

Add this template from HappyThought┬áto your list of printable masks – you’ll have fun cutting and folding and constructing this one, we like that it’s 3D and doesn’t just sit flat on the face, and the whiskers are just so cute aren’t they!?



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