Heart Boxes Craft – using Duct Tape

Yes, it is time for some more COOL and FABULOUS Heart Crafts for Kids with this oh so cool heart box craft made from duct tape!

SewCanDoDuckTapeHeartBoxes_zps8b431dfeAre you in love with Duct Tape yet? No? What do you mean no!?!? Duct Tape is the new Washi Tape – but  lots more fun,as it is some unique properties that make it really sturdy and tough. And there are sooooo many things to make from Duct Tape. These cute little Heart Boxes are just such an example. Be sure to get hold of some prettily patterned Duct Tape (see links below) and then hop over to Sew Can Do this straight forward Heart Box How To! Lovely!!

Find Duct Tape here (affiliate links)

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