Knitted Dragon DIY for neonatal charity

Knitted Dragon DIY for neonatal charity

Knitted Dragon DIY for neonatal charity – Guest post

“Here at First Touch NNU (Neonatal unit) we raise funds for the big stuff like state of the art medical equipment for the neonatal unit at St George’s Hospital.

knit a dragonBut we also do a lot of little things to help the families with sick and premature babies when they are going through worrying and stressful times. Things like providing tea, coffee, soup and squash in the Family Rooms and up to date magazines in the Expressing Rooms.

And presents for mums and dads on Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, World Prematurity Day and Christmas Day.

Albie-and-RubenWe’d love to give all Dads a knitted dragon from their St George’s NNU baby on Fathers’ Day this June, and we’d love your help to do this, you clever, crafty lot! Here’s the pattern, for your Knitted Dragon DIY for our neonatal charity – the colour combinations are up to you: Download Tarragon the Gentle Dragon pattern HERE: Knit-a- Zoo

We would LOVE for you to send completed dragons to us at the neonatal unit, 1st Floor, Lanesborough Wing, St George’s Hospital, London SW17 0QT. We have up to 42 babies with us at any one time.
Thanks a million for your help and support, Sarah and Louise, First Touch – supporting sick & premature babies at St George’s hospital, London.”
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