How To Make A Bouncy Ball (Recipe)

How To Make A Bouncy Ball (Recipe)

Oh this is one of the Best Crafts for Boys and Girls… We LOVE DIY recipes.. and having a go at making “every day things”. It is a fun activity for kids and also a little experiment in science – seeing how different matters come together to yield something new. This How To Make a Bouncy Ball is just such a thing – a great and fun activity for kids. Would make for a great kids party activity too (though wouled recommend that you practice first and feel confident in the process and not face a bunch of disappointed kids). But I know that once you have made one of these Bouncy Balls, the DIY Bouncy Ball fever will catch you and you will be making more and more and

US Readers: Buy Borax Here

UK readers.. head to ebay to get hold of some borax.. it is increasingly hard to find it in the UK!!

Check out this fantastic Bouncy Ball Recipe and Instructions!

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There are 4 comments for this article
  1. shirley at 8:47 am

    This project looks fab but I thought borax wasn’t a safe mineral to use particularly with children as it is toxic if ingested and shouldn’t be used with broken skin etc.. I also read about a link to liver cancer? Do you have any more info as I would love to try this with my boys if it’s safe x

    • Maggy Woodley Author at 10:15 am

      Hello, yes, I believe there are some “issues” with Borax, which is why it isn’t readily available in the UK. Clearly you wouldn’t want to make this or use it with small children around. I am not sure about the broken skin, but if you are concerned, you could wear plastic gloves whilst making this. I believe (!) that once the bouncy balls are made, borax is safe again (though of course assuming you don’t eat the bouncy balls).

  2. Beth at 10:14 am

    Does this (and the glittery gloop with glue) work with borax substitute as I am in uk and they don’t sell borax anymore anywhere!

    • Maggy Woodley Author at 8:41 pm

      Hello Beth,
      I have to confess, that I have tried it with substitutes. You would ave to experiment! A while back I was still able to get Borax on amazon and it looks like ebay still sells it.