Colour mixing water wall

Colour mixing water wall

colour mixing water wallHave you seen or made a water wall? Have you ever made them with colour mixing thrown in for good measure?!

As it gets warmer here, so we move to play more outside. The kids love all water based play, whether it be a paddling pool, jumping through a sprinkler, or a good old fashioned water fight. We keep our washing up bottles, and fill them full of water to squirt at each other, a great alternative for those who are avoiding buying anything resembling a water pistol!

If you have a wall or a fence in your garden, the water wall is a brilliant invention, a fab team activity to build it – each of you picking a receptacle to use on the water wall, whether an old milk carton, or pop bottle… and WHERE to position in too?!

We loved’s idea of adding a colour mixing option as a wonderful addition too, and the jeopardy of where the  Colour mixing water wall water might land…. really fun!

For full instructions click here to Science Sparks website 

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