Make your own fidget spinner

Make your own fidget spinner

Make your own fidget spinner

If you have children, you’ll already know that the biggest craze right now is fidget spinners. They’re in every shop on the highstreet. Fidget Spinners are a fantastic toy to reduce stress and help with those little ones who just cannot sit still! We love the many different DIY Printable Fidget Spinner Templates available out there. But here is one where you need no template…

But what if you can only find a plain and boring spinner? Or what if they’re just far too expensive? Thankfully, the solution comes from Kids Activities Blog! Because everyone in class has a fidget spinner, no one wanted to have the same old boring one as each other. This tutorial is fantastic. You can make your own fidget spinner and customise it- meaning no one else will have the same one! Even better, these customisable DIY spinners make fantastic gifts for children.

They’re so easy to make and you can even use recyclable items to make them (saving the environment, one fidget spinner at a time!)

With the help of an adult, you can make these in no time and get spinning! Find the tutorial and some inspiration for your own fidget spinner on Kids Activities blog.

If you dont have the bearings for these spinners however, you can make an easier version, as seen on Red Ted Art! You can print out the templates for the fidget spinners and customise these ones too. We love the patterns on these spinners!

Follow this link to check it out!

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