Make your own Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur CostumeHave you ever thought it might be easier to make a Dinosaur Costume than buying one?

We’ve all had a dinosaur crazy kid in our lives right?  The ubiquitous Dinosaur Posters, so that they can learn the correct pronunciation of every prehistoric creature. The pop up books and discovering what their favourite dinosaur’s favourite supper would have been – who was a meat eater, and which one was a vegetarian right?

We’ve got every dinosaur book under the sun, so it’s no surprise that a dinosaur costume would be needed at some point in a child’s life (in fact, this could be a great one for a grown-up fancy dress party too!).

So if you too have dinosaur-crazy-kids, this project is for you. A custom made dinosaur costume, Mama Pea Pod has even ticked the ‘upcycle’ box, by reusing old fabric she’d been storing for a project like this dinosaur costume (something that was once very precious to her little girl, and makes this even more special!).

The beauty is, from what she discovered is a way to make a DIY dinosaur costume that is actually quite easy, even for beginners, and we all just love the final product!

Click here for full instructions, and to find out what that precious fabric once used to be!

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There are 4 comments for this article
  1. Jane @ Mama Pea Pod at 5:14 pm

    Thank you so much for featuring our dinosaur costume tutorial! It really was so easy (even for a beginner like me!), and my little dino lover adores it! x

  2. Angela @CreatifulKids at 6:16 pm

    This looks so much fun! I don’t have a sewing machine so I’ll have to give some hints to my mother and mother in law 😉