Mess Free Painting for kids

Mess Free Painting for kids

mess free painting

Mess Free Painting with Primary Colour Mixing is so much fun, you’ll SO want to join in…

When I saw this post, I was kicking myself that we’d not tried it when ours were smaller, so you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve now had a go – and we LOVED it.

It’s a brilliant way to learn about colours, and how mixing primary colours creates new secondary colours – it’s almost a revelation to some children who have not had the opportunity to play with paints, and it’s done in such a ‘clean way’ it’ll please even the most fastidious granny, who doesn’t want messy little hand prints on the furniture, but also mess free painting is a great learning experience for everyone!

The mess free painting colours are so vivid, they don’t get ‘dirty’ in the same way that mixing paints haphazardly often creates a brown sludge!

The Mouse Paint book encouraged the child to mix some colours. Reading the book: “red mouse in a yellow puddle make orange” he pushes the paint around to combine the colours.

Click here to read the whole post which explains ‘how to’ in more detail, and has some great photos of the finished work!

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