Me time – what’s it worth?


The holidays are upon us…. So you set up a craft to do with the kids, ignoring the wet washing languishing in the washing machine, turning your back on the piles of dishes beside the sink… you’ll do them later when the kids are in bed right?

Little one needs to be taken to the swimming class, so you bundle them all off into the car and stop by the supermarket on the way back to collect some fresh veggies for supper.

Tired kids post-swim need a snack, rustle them something quick and get them to set the table, whilst you peel the spuds and pop the oven on… oh, more washing up?!

Cel-Lisboa-unsplashSupper eaten, eldest remembers her homework… can you help Mum???

So… all these things impact on family life, bed time is looming – and it’s nearly time for that glass of grown-up pop – hurrah! Feet up, and just figure out how much would you PAY someone to help with that extra time…

And to reflect on how as parents, we  really are superheroes and our efforts and commitment to the family should be celebrated! Being a parent is a full time job, on top of our careers. So this has us wondering, what is our ‘mum salary’?

mum-introCheck out this thought provoking questionnaire* (click here) Simply, enter the weekly hours for each of your motherly (or fatherly) duties to find out what your ‘mum salary’ is.

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, or out working each day, the contribution you make to your family is invaluable.

Written in association with *SunLife who have calculated our ‘Mum Salaries’ based on average salaries for a range of different occupations that mums’ and dads’ daily duties are most like.

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