nature weaving camping craft

nature weaving camping craft

nature weaving camping craft

nature weaving camping craftIf you’ve been following Fun Crafts Kids for a while, you’ll know that we are really keen on the great outdoors and indeed, weaving, so this nature weaving camping craft really had us hooked!

The desire to get our kids outside, and away from their mobile phones (if they are old enough to have one of these things) and away from the screens of today’s world – we feel passionately that children today should harness the joys that nature has to offer, and we are excited by all the possibilities out there!

We are planning a camping trip in a couple of weekends time, and therefore planning some fun activities so that we don’t get the dreaded ‘oh we are bored’ statement that we so often hear from our children!

So we plan on taking some wool and string with us, and to be honest, seriously cannot wait to have a go at this activity – and let’s face it, what’s not to love!

In fact, even if you are not planning a camping trip, take some string with you in your backpack wherever you go this holiday – to the park! In the garden, this is such a cool activity, you’ll want to take it everywhere…

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