No sew heart pocket DIY

No sew heart pocket DIY

No sew heart pocket DIY

Clothes you no longer wear? Clothes are too dull? They can easily be given a new lease of life through this DIY no sew heart pocket.  Easy and creative heart pockets to jazz up your clothes.


no sew heart pockets

Keep your eye out for plain t-shirts, dresses which are being hoarded and hidden away. Or keep an eye out for affordable quality garments that you could pick up from a charity shops or thrift stores.

Finished with your old school uniform? Repurpose an old school sweater particularly if its a red jumper! And maybe you could explore different shapes and colours to make you clothes more fun and appealing to wear. The no sew heart pocket can come in handy when finding an outfit for a fancy dress for where it can be used for a valentines -themed fancy dress party and suit many different purposes.

Perhaps your class’ school journey is coming to an end and through this no sew technique this would be a great way to hold on to your students’ past memories and incorporate it with other clothes. This allows you to design your own clothes the way you want!

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