Paper Chain People

paper chain peoplePaper Chain People

You never know when you might beĀ stuck in a cafe, or on a train, or an airport unexpectedly, with small children… So we always carry a little emergency entertainment kit, which consists of pens, paper, and oh, here you go… scissors!

Now I know you don’t NEED scissors to make paper chain people, however, look how neat these little fellas from CraftJR have turned out!

We find it’s always a challenge, never quite knowing if once you’ve concertina folded your paper, and trimmed up to the arms and legs, the anticipation of gently unfolding, and in many a case, they all unfold into lots of separate little people! So we loved that CraftJR have created a wee template for us to follow (and learn!) to impress our little charges… And if you have remembered to pack some pencils and pens, think of the fun you will have together colouring them in, to create a little paperchain of characters!

Enjoy! click hereĀ 


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