Paper Easter Eggs

Paper Easter Eggs

paper easter eggsPaper Easter Eggs – simple can be so beautiful!

With so many different Easter crafts to choose from on this lead up to the Easter weekend, we couldn’t help wanting to share the work of Nadine and her German website

Just when you thought that you had seen the most creative, convoluted Easter crafts – Nadine and her children strip it back to simple, egg-shaped gloriousness with her two boys’ beautifully illustrated paper Easter eggs, which sit neatly above their Sunday breakfast table.

From the simple motor skills of cutting the egg-shape from paper, to the creativity of an Easter themed scene, or colouring scheme on the paper Easter eggs. We think this could be a fabulous annual family tradition for the whole family!

Photography by Nadine – visit her site here to see the full post, and more amazing and inspirational photographs.

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