Plastic spoon crafts – flower mirror

Plastic spoon crafts – flower mirror

plastic spoon flowerLove this┬áplastic spoon flower – really easy to make if you follow addicted 2 decorating’s tutorial.

You know when you are at a party, and you watch in pain, as all of the plastic cutlery just gets thrown in the bin? Time to take a stand, and collect them all up for recycling and keep them for a rainy day craft session!

We have seen these plastic spoon crafts on Pinterest and think they are absolutely stunning – imagine this on your sitting room wall – what a statement that would make! And it’s not as if it LOOKS as if it has been made from plastic spoons either – really wonderful.

We love how Kristi has shaded her┬áChrysanthemum plastic spoon flower mirror from dark in the centre to lighter at the edges, quite beautiful…

To read her full plastic spoon flower mirror instructions click here, and if you aren’t one for collecting the old party spoons, you can buy them in bulk here in the US and here in the UK


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