Toffee Apple recipe

Toffee Apple recipe

toffee apple recipeToffee Apple recipe

Toffee apple recipe – really easy to follow, just make sure you clean your teeth REALLY well after eating!

So, who remembers going to the fair as a kid? the excitement of the rides? winning a goldfish? (yep, Dad got in massive trouble with Mum for letting us win a goldfish to bring home, which then went on to live for nine years, but that’s another story!)

… the candy floss? the TOFFEE APPLES! Yes? And who remembers just eating the crunchy toffee on the outside and discarding the yucky mushy apple inside? Well, all that will change once you have a go at this toffee apple recipe – as they not only look appealing, if you are making them yourself, you can use a tastier apple, like a Pink Lady (I know, more expensive, but far yummier).

Anyway, get making this toffee apple recipe, and don’t forget to clean your teeth! Click here for the full recipe 🙂

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