Punch a hole party pinata

punch a hole party pinataPunch a hole party pinata

Planning a birthday party can take weeks if not months, from how many children should attend, where you’ll hold the party, and what the theme will be!

Every year it gets trickier, you’d think by now we’d be experts, but where would we be without the inspiration we find on Pinterest and craft websites?! Our children are pretty lucky to be honest, my parties as a child were much more of a low key affair, with music taped off the radio, and pass the parcel wrapped in newspaper (actually, we do still do pass the parcel, who doesn’t enjoy that?!!)

My kids say: every child’s¬†party should have a pinata! We have made all sorts of pinata’s for our own parties, from giant guitars, to owls and pussycats, so when we saw¬†Celebratethebigandsmall’s whole party theme, we were hooked, and couldn’t wait for the next birthday to come around!

They have made a total candy store themed party, and this fabulous ‘punch a hole party pinata’ really caught our eye… having spent AGES making paper mache pinatas, this looks as if it couldn’t be simpler… all you need is some coloured tissue papers and the rest of the instructions which are over here


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