Washi tape wand

washi tape wandWashi tape wand

Well, it only seems like yesterday we were all saying *what’s this Washi Tape then?* – and now we can’t seem to live without it, whether we’re crafting or scrapbooking, personalizing power leads, or upcycling an old box into something pretty and reusable, washi tape is everywhere! For those of you who DON’T know what washi tape IS, its name comes from wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper, and this phrase is used to describe the paper made in a traditional Japanese method.

A low tack colourful printed tape – you can buy a set here in the UK to get you started using washi tape, and once you’ve started you’ll never look back! If you are in the US – click here for a nice starter set too.

Making something as simple as a washi tape ribbon wand is a great introduction to using washi tape if you’re crafting and creating with children, the joy of swishing the colourful wand, knowing that he or she had a hand in making it, will delight any small wizard or fairy godmother! So without further ado, go check out BecomingMartha’s full post here on how to make the washi tape wand!


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