rainbow bottle caps

rainbow bottle topsRainbow bottle tops

You’ll no doubt know by now that we are rather fond of recycling and upcycled crafts. One of our biggest bugbears is seeing plastics going into landfill, and this week it’s #ZeroWasteWeek so we’ve found a couple of crafts which draw attention to the disposable nature of the modern world – this rainbow bottle top creation being one of our favourites right now!

We have been religiously pulling the tops of the bottles going into our recycling and are saving the lids like mad, asking neighbours, friends and family to do the same…a rainbow of bottle caps!

This project would be FAB at a nursery school, raising a real sense of community, and engagement as every child brings a handful of bottle tops in every week, and the pile of lids just grows and grows until you have enough of each colour to create something as beautiful as MadebyMolliesMom over here just in time for the next Zero Waste Week!




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