Recycled Plastic Toy Wreath – an easy DIY

Recycled Plastic Toy Wreath – an easy DIY

Recycled Toy Wreath

This recycled plastic toy wreath is actually made from a set of Happy Meal toys!!!Recycled Toy Wreath

This Recycled Toy Wreath really shouts out “CHILDHOOD”. Don’t you think?

All those Happy Meal memories.. playing (with those annoying little toys) and then brought together in this wonderfully bright and colourful wreath. I LOVE it. A brilliant way to get all those little toys into one neat place. The only problem with MY TWO, would be that they wouldn’t part with their toys.

So I think, we would have to get a set from the charity shop or ebay and make the wreath from those. Or make them when they are older, as a retro ‘studenty’ decoration. Either way, I think this Recycled Toy Wreath really fun and colourful way to upcycle all that plastic tat! Actually this begs the question, what do you call of of your ‘tat’? Some of us call it ‘toot’ and others ‘junk’ but either way, it can be VERY useful to collect it all together in one place – just look at how much creative fun you can have!

Check out Infarrantly Creative for full info!

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  1. Millie Woodward at 12:41 pm

    Great idea! My girls will totally love this wreath. They have too many small toys that just stay in some containers and recycling them this way is very clever. I’m pretty sure they’ll make more than a one wreath for all door in the house. Thank you for sharing!