rubber glove finger puppets

rubber glove finger puppets

five little speckled frogsFeel like a spot of singing? Let’s hear…. “Five Little Speckled Frogs” and the rubber glove finger puppets!
These cute and easy rubber glove finger puppets will have you all joining in with the singing in no time!

Finger puppets are incredibly popular – not only are they fun to make, they are fun to play with too…

The hours of fun making up stories, time and time again. Great for encouraging imaginative play, or as with Danya Banya’s rubber glove finger puppets, fabulous for a good old sing song!

How many of you have an odd rubber glove which has an elusive hole, letting in water… ?

Well, don’t throw it in the bin, keep it and chop off its fingers and make rubber glove finger puppets! click here to read the ‘how to’ at

Rubber glove finger puppets – a fab way of upcycling those ‘odd’ rubber gloves you have lurking in the cupboard under the sink!

And if you enjoy making them, pop back and have a go at these finger puppet bird printables too.

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