Polka dot mason jars

Polka dot mason jars

polka dot mason jarsPolka dot Mason jars, or spotty jam jars as our kids called them! Easy to create, and look great on a shelf…

There’s something about a Polka Dot eh? Honestly, we could add them to everything – and whether you paint them, or find some fab circular stickers to apply in different sizes – adding them to any box, a jam jar or bottle really gives a piece of ‘junk’ destined for the recycling, like these polka dot mason jars, they gain a new lease of classy life!

We’ve had drippy paint jam jars, and cookies in a mason jar – these Kilner Jars are photogenic enough even before they’ve been painted – add some paints and some polka dots and you’re on to a polka dot mason jar winner…

We think that these polka dot Mason jars would be fab at a craft fair, or as Christmas Gifts so start collecting your jars now, or if you wanted to buy them in bulk, try here in the UK, or click here if in the US.

We love the subtlety of blues and whites on these polka dot Mason jars that R and R workshop has used here – so click through to find out more from their website.


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