Scented Bunny Pillow


We have had a bit of a sewing with kids weekend just recently. We have been sewing little Felt Softies Bunnies and the kids are just so excited about sewing right now. Really lovely to see!! (If you are interested in teaching kids to sew, read on! In my view, they are never really too young to start.. my son started at 2.5yrs! But I digress). As we love bunnies and as we  love sewing, I am always on the look out for new projects for the kids. These little Scented Bunny Pillows are just the thing! We adore bunnies, they are so cute, so all bunny crafts are much loved in our house. Also my daughter LOVES to make lavender pillows and give them to gifts to her teacher (she made one this weekend and gave it to her on Monday.. then came home and said “can I make another one”!). So. These little bunnies would be a lovely little Easter gift for a child (or grown up) to make for a relative, friend or teacher. Don’t you think? So cute and simple to make! Happy Sewing!

Find out more and check out the free rabbit sewing pattern over on My Poppet

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