St Patrick’s Day Pinwheel

A Shamrock pinwheel cake topper? Soooo St Patrick’s Day : šŸ™‚

St Patricks Day Craft - Pinwheel

Time for some adorable Paper Crafts! Love a bit of fun with Shamrocks! Here is another cute idea for St Patrick’s Day – make some Shamrock Pinwheels! Cute and fun and easy to make. The kids will love them. If you need more inspiration, we have lots more St Patrick’s Day IdeasĀ here for you, come and browse!

In the meantime, visitĀ Lisa StormsĀ for the Shamrock Pinwheel How to!

And here’s a lovely idea for a St Paddy’s day greetings cardĀ and how can you resist this Preschool St Patrick’s Day Craft?!

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