stone faces

stone facesStone facesTHINGS 

When our boys were little, we used to say ‘let’s go on an adventure!’ rather than ‘let’s go for a walk’… The word ‘walk’ seemed to bring out the moans and groans, whereas the ‘adventure’ was far more exciting a prospect, and they used to run to grab a bucket, or a net – whatever they thought appropriate that weekend!

So naturally¬†THINGS¬†came home with us on those walks, I mean adventures, whether they were large sticks, leaves, pine cones or stones… And those ‘things’ were either discarded in the garden, or made into other ‘things’!

Sticks were made into bows and arrows, leaves were made into mobiles, and stones, well, anything could happen with stones – like these really fun stone faces that we spotted on…

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