Tin Can Grill

Tin Can Grill

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So.. I always knew there were some GREAT ideas out there for upcycling those old tin cans. Here is a fantastic idea for making your own DIY portable BBQ – make a tin can grill! Does it look fabulous. I know that the boys would be super excited about this tin can craft and it would be perfect for their upcoming camping trip. A great lesson in “making do”.

It looks like the larger your can the better – but I love the idea of making a mini grill too. So start saving those tin cans and see what you can make!

NOTE: You are likely to want to wear protective gloves when doing this craft – consider the sharp edges etc. This is  a craft for older kids under supervision/ a collaborative project between adults and kids.

Found via Handimania on Instagram.

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  1. Heather Conner at 7:50 pm

    I love love this idea. My husband likes to grill and the kids can make this for him for fathers day.