Toilet paper roll tubes dinosaurs

Toilet paper roll tubes dinosaurs

Toilet paper roll tubes dinosaurs


We all love a dinosaur right?

And we ALL have a toilet paper roll tube knocking about too right?Toilet paper roll tubes dinosaurs

So let’s get crafty! We love a free craft material, and what better way to make a ROAR during #worldrecycleday than to turn a loo roll tube into a DINOSAUR!

From Diplodocus to Triceratops – these really simple designs from the craft train have really got us excited about what you can do with the simple Toilet Paper Roll Tube – and totally LOVE these sweet little dinos!

Imagine a whole HERD of them in different fun colours, maybe add some sticky dots for a spotty dinosaur  – or go rogue and paint them in fun patterns, or even try a bit of decoupage! The world is your oyster…. Never mind that the dinosaur became extinct in some 65 million years ago – they can be alive and kicking with a bit of creative craftiness!

A great idea for bringing a bit of a geography, climate change, history, biology and Evolution into the home classroom – and we love it as a recycling project too!

Have fun and check out The Craft Train for all the details and more fun ideas!



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