Washi tape notebook

washi tape notebookWashi tape notebook fun!

You know by now that we are DRAWN to Washi tape crafts right?

And it doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that we had NEVER heard of washi tape and here we are again, stumbling across the cutest craft from momentstolivefor.com and wanting to just share it with you!

Our kids often have the same notebook bought for them to doodle in, so this washi tape notebook is a great way to encourage an additional craft, for their deft fingers, before they start their doodling and planning minecraft room designs inside their new washi tape notebook!

If they both have different washi tape, the Washi tape notebook designs will both be unique, and personalised too, so it’s a win win!

What a great teacher’s gift too – pretty low cost if you purchased the little notebooks in bulk and used up old off-cuts of your washi tape at the end of the rolls!

So go check out the full Washi tape notebook ‘how to’ instructions here 


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