Weaving with weeds

Weaving with weeds

weed weavingWeaving with weeds – what a great project!

Weaving has really fascinated my boys for some time now – we’ve always enjoyed simple weaving techniques and I’ve always been a little obsessed with hair braiding too (that’s kind of ‘micro weaving’ right?)

We’ve tried making purses with woven plastic bags, and now we’re on the case with a bit of natural plant weaving too… We are most definitely taking a big ball of string with us camping this year, as we spotted this image on Real School Gardens and SO want to spend some time getting back to nature in the summer, weaving with weeds!

Using the branches of two trees to create a loom, and sticks and greenery to create this amazing woven piece of art has inspired us!

It’s a real conversation starter: What is a weft and what is a warp? Who invented the flying shuttle? How did the invention start the Industrial Revolution? Ooh can you tell I’m reflecting on my favourite school subject?!

It’ll get you discussing the history of weaving, and who started weed weaving? For example, during colonial times in America, children often played and practiced their weaving skills with weeds.

Or you can just have some fun and get weed weaving! Read more about the work that Real School Gardens do here.

Once your a finished with your nature weaving.. head some and check out these ADORABLE DIY Grass Heads. They are so fun and quirky!


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