Juice carton crafts – tea light lamp

Juice carton crafts – tea light lamp

Juice carton lampJuice carton crafts – tea light lamp.

As you know we love a craft which is an upcycle before a recycle and taking juice boxes, or milk cartons and turning them into a fun craft, which in turn becomes a practical, useful ‘thing’ ticks all the boxes for us!

Particularly a craft that a child, or person of any crafting ability really, can take and make themselves without too much ‘adult’ intervention. So this juice carton craft is not only fun, it has a practical purpose too – as the natural quality of the juice carton being waterproof means that you can pop a battery operated tea light inside, and it’s great for garden camping sleepover fun – will definitely be trying these! Just don’t use a real tea light candle, that may be a little dangerous!

We love the colour of this lantern too, would love to see a full row of these juice carton crafts critters all in different colours, how fun would that be!

To read KidsChaos’ ‘how to’ click here.


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