woven deckchair

woven deckchair

We have several old aluminium deckchairs in my parents’ garage – not entirely sure what to do with them, as they are looking a little old and unloved… And them we spotted this amazing woven deckchair craft over on abeautifulmess and just had to have a go!

It’s very hard to throw things away, and to give a piece of vintage furniture a new lease of life is both exciting and satisfying at the same time. Plus, it also means we get to be creative, and get something usable in to the bargain!

Upcycling is the name of the game – so not exactly re-purposing, but goes to show that these old pieces of furniture were really made to last – so far removed from the throwaway society that we live in now….

For the full ‘how to’ instructions, click here through to abeautifulmess.com

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