Yarn wrapped carrots – sweet little DIY

Yarn wrapped carrots – sweet little DIY

Yarn wrapped carrots

yarn wrapped carrotsThere is nothing cuter than watching little hands wrapping wool around and around to create something magical, and these Yarn Wrapped Carrots are just adorable.

And what does the Easter Bunny love?? Carrots of course!

Imagine a mass of these yarn wrapped carrots, decorating the classroom, playroom or helping to find the way on the Easter Egg hunt this year – and what a fun Easter party activity too, it might even encourage those reluctant veg eaters that carrots are a good fun thing to tuck into on the dinner plate!

And with Easter coming, what a lovely idea for a craft table – a great invitation to play too, set up your wool stash and your ric rac ribbon, and make some cardboard cones, and get wrapping!

Lollyjane has some great advice over on their blog – so pop over there to read the full post.



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