How to make a kite – confetti kite

How to make a kite – confetti kite

how to make a kiteHow to make a kite.

We all love a kite right? When you are done with bubble blowing this summer (great DIY Giant Bubble Recipe here).. and ready for a new adventure.. let’s fly a kite! Who doesn’t burst into song with ‘let’s go fly a kite’ whenever anyone mentions a kite? Just me?! So we wanted to know how to make a kite, and this lovely confetti kite post ticks all of these boxes and more!

Well with the weather heading into a proper sunny spring – it seems a good a time as ever to get out into the park, and enjoy the open spaces and open skies, and a spring breeze in the air.

So we love a craft which takes time and concentration, and embraces all ages and skill abilities – and then has a usable end result, which can be played with again and again (unless in this case you let go of the kite and it ends its life in the top of the very highest tree in the park, coughs, say no more…)

This confetti craft will lift your spirits, it looks so pretty – to read more, click here for  lifelessonplans full instructions.


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