Zoo Magnets

Zoo MagnetsWe love these Zoo Fridge Magnets!

There are fridge magnets, and there are TASTEFUL fridge magnets… My dear Mother in law has a fridge magnet to celebrate every country/holiday she has ever been on, and some of these are not the prettiest. Saying that, the kids have always loved playing with them.

They move them around the fridge door, into categories, of country, colours, animals or vehicles… aaaghhh!

At our house they are much more tasteful (coughs!) We don’t have fridge magnets, we have Dishwasher Magnets… so they are just the right height for little ones to play with… These Zoo Magnets are great for just that, and I love how you can turn this activity into a Zoo Magnets matching game too>>

Matching the Zebra’s top and bottom! To read the full instructions pop over to Kollabora here


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