DIY paper roll grocery list

DIY paper roll grocery list

paper roll grocery listDIY paper roll grocery list

We were about to make meringues, we’d separated the egg yolks from the egg whites, we’d started beating the eggs… and were about to weigh out the sugar….. we had no sugar!

Why wasn’t the sugar on the grocery list?! What list? Oh…

So, we decided we need to have a PROPER shopping list, one that is visible to EVERY ‘consumer’ in our house, including the one who used the last of the sugar making lemon and sugar pancakes at the weekend… (so we can’t grumble TOO much can we!)

We looked around on the web for inspiration and spotted this DIY paper roll grocery list from and will definitely be giving this a try, looks easy! We love brown parcel paper, great for printing onto for fab Christmas giftwrap ideas. You can buy the parcel paper here in the UK or in the US kraft paper – an essential to keep in your craft stock!

I love the idea of popping recipes on the DIY paper roll grocery list with a list of ingredients you need for that week’s shopping… YES, I’m talking let’s be organised and do some meal planning! 🙂

Click here to follow the full DIY instructions


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  1. Donna at 4:43 pm

    The roll for grocery list , I used this paper & shelf paper for my childrens paper for painting & all medium when they were growing up, they’re now in their mid 50’s .. I didn’t want them coloring in coloring books, a believer in choosing creative ways for youngsters to express themselves!