Babushka Easter Eggs

Babushka Easter Eggs

babushka easter eggs

Babushka Easter Eggs

Oh is it really time to start thinking about Easter Eggs? We reckon so – and we LOVE this time of year, as not only is it full of creativity and ideas, the days are getting longer, and the flowers and trees are starting to bud – joy all around!

Time though to start thinking about how we decorate our eggs this year, we try to do a different project each Easter, so that we have different memories for each year! This Babushka Easter Eggs design is just lovely, and what we do is hide the eggs in the garden (weather dependent!) and then comes the fun for the kids to run around the garden trying to find each of the Babushka Easter Eggs concealed amongst the bushes and flowers – When they find them all, they then exchange them for small gifts (or chocolate!)

The kids are never too old for this game, our two are heading into their teens and STILL love it!!

These Babushka Easter Eggs are just darling – spotted over on the (make sure you check them out for full instructions)

We love how sweet they look, and colourful too, so it’s a very lovely project to work on with a classroom full of kids, how lovely they will all look together en masse – and if like ohohblog you photograph them beautifully (more photos over on the blog) you could even use the images of the eggs as Easter Cards, and Easter decorations at an Easter party!

What fun!

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