Rubber Band Paintbrushes

Rubber Band Paintbrushes

Painting fun with rubber band paintbrushes

painting with rubber band paintbrushes

Painting is fun whatever age you are, however – starting young ones early, opens up all sorts of creativity – whether painting with your fingers, using a potato or printing block, whatever your small child gets up to, will be messy, but fun!

It’s a great activity to do together as a family, as painting crosses all ages – and as your children get bigger, it’s great to engage them in more than just mark making – how about working together to actually make the tools of the trade?!

So what fun to get creative and MAKE your own paintbrushes – which is exactly what messforless did – we spotted this fabulous idea to make your own paintbrushes with rubber bands – how totally cool is this?!

Taking control of your own art to the extreme! Check out messforless for the complete how to!

Where we live, the postal service are notorious for dropping rubber bands as they do their door to door postal deliveries, so we’ve been collecting elastic bands for months – however, you can buy* them in bulk here in the UK, and here in the US…

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