Homemade Marshmallow Clouds

Homemade Marshmallow Clouds

Homemade Marshmallow Clouds

Marshmallow CloudsSpotted these homemade marshmallow clouds, and thought – wow – these are JUST right for our little ones!
Always on the lookout for fun ideas and themes for a party – this year we’ve had a request for rainbows – which is a brilliant theme, yet we struggled with a fun craft that we could do together with younger kids – the idea of these marvellous edible clouds just had us tickled as we had some cloud shaped cookie cutters* in the cupboard – and couldn’t wait to have a go!

It’s also a great opportunity for a basic science explanation, this question gets asked A LOT! – how is a rainbow formed?

What do we need? Clouds! (obviously they don’t have to be homemade marshmallow clouds, but if they look fun, this is a perfect time to talk ‘science’ without the kids guessing that’s what you are doing!)
So, in brief, when that beam of sunlight comes down to Earth, that light is WHITE. However, if that light beam happens to hit raindrops that have fallen from the clouds, at a certain angle, the different colours that make up the beam of light separate so that we can see them – and we call this outcome – a rainbow!

So back to www.larecetadelafelicidad.com‘s amazing recipe (and equally fabulous photographs) make sure you click over there to find out how to make marshmallows – and if you are after an alternative to the gelatin in the recipe, you can use agar agar if you’d prefer (available here in the US and here in the UK*)

The www.larecetadelafelicidad.com recipe and demonstration for the homemade marshmallow clouds is just wonderful, enjoy!

If you don’t have any cloud cookie cutters in YOUR cupboard, you can find them here in the US
and here in the UK (*affiliate links for your convenience)




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