Baby Bouncer Rockers

Baby Bouncer Rockers

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Finding it tough to pacify your bundle of joy? Do you yearn for another set of hands? Want a break from the constant rocking motion?

With bouncers & rockers, it will become possible for you to ease your baby & for you to get the much-needed break as the bouncers can provides an appealing spot to place your infants. Through this article, we are here to help you out as we provide you with a review of the best five rockers & bouncers that is trending out in the market.

Rockers refer to those that moves like a rocking chair. These rockers are suitable for infants as well as for toddlers. One of the main features of the rocking chair is that they can calm a cranky & fussy baby and put them to sleep. If your baby doesn’t sleep unless accompanied by rocking movements, then the rocker can provide relief to you as some of them are motorised. Some of them even come with hanging toys to entertain and vibration mode to soothe babies.

Bouncers refer to those light-weight, low to the ground seat designed to seat on the floor which can keep your baby busy while you take care of the chores. Babies will love the bounce and moment when they kick their legs and move their arms. Furthermore, they will be happy with the overhead entertainment toy bar. But then, bouncers are not suitable past the infant stage.  Below is the list of the top five ones.

  1. Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss – A cult buy for the parents, this simple, stylish and sturdy bouncer offers more position options than any other bouncers in the market. This battery propelled bouncer can later be converted into a chair when the baby can sit up. As the bouncer is baby propelled, it promotes motor skill and balance as it is not motorised. Lightweight and compact with a sleek design, the bouncer is portable and can be taken quickly from one room to the next. It folds completely flat making it ideal for travel and storage. The cover is easily washable, easy to remove & comes in three colours. Enjoy the quality and reliability of this bouncer as it is worth the investment for families who are planning to have more children in the future.
  2. Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker – Suitable for both newborns and toddlers, this versatile and budget-friendly rocker comes with three seat angles, a vibrating mode and an engaging toy bar with a musical elephant. For older children, it can be used as rocking or stationary seat as it comes with a 40-pound weight limit. Made to grow with your baby, the middle incline is perfect for exciting infants and for enabling them to be upright while observing their surroundings. The simple frame and deep seat is more structured and therefore can’t be folded flat. It includes a three-point harness strap so your baby will always be safe in it.


  1. Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels bouncer – With a cheery & bright looking chair that bounces and vibrates, this compact and lightweight bouncer offers battery-powered vibrations. Sufficiently sturdy and entertaining, it is a reliable budget option. The metal frame is sturdy enough though the bouncer’s position can’t be adjusted.


  1. Fisher Price Premium Auto Rock & Play Sleeper with Smart Connect – If you are in the search for an automated rocker, that you can control remotely, then this bouncer is a great option. Rocking automatically at one of two speeds, this seat vibrates, plays music and even provides in canopy video projection. The different light shows are programmed, so there is always some variety for your baby to watch. The ability to control your babies’ experiences with an app on your phone makes it a hit among tech-savvy parents. It offers a broad range of motion. The rocker is straightforward to fold up, and the clean-up is made easy because of the machine washable fabric.


  1. Graco Swing N Bounce – A two in one, this bouncer cum swing is great for entertaining the baby as well as for his nap time. With a handy removable toy tray at the front & removable rocker, this bouncer provides several entertainment options for the baby as it has more than ten melodies and five nature noises to choose from while moving smoothly around the house.


Choosing what is right for you out of these five depends on your needs, your living space and your budget. Consider each of these factors carefully and then make the right decision.

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