Cactus Cupcake – Oh my goodness!

succulent and cactus cupcakes recipe

I remember first seeing these little beauties last Summer! I have no idea why we didn’t share these AWESOME Cactus Cupcakes with you then. Maybe I was too busy, maybe I was just too excited by these brilliant cacti, that I just forgot to take note and pop them here on Fun Craft Kids. Either way, NOW is the time (teehee I DO hope you like a cactus, as I have quite a few more cactus ideas coming your way.. we should rebrand this blog as “the cactus blog”.. though if Ali had her way, it would be “the melon blog”. Clearly I am off on a massive tanget.

Right… throwing a Summer party? Want some DIFFERENT party food? Love plants, succulents and cacti? Then head over to Alana Jones Mann┬áthis fantastic Cactus Cupcake How To TODAY! Brilliant.


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