Papier Mache Cactus Craft

papier mache cactus craft

I love papier mache.. and I have to confess, that it is something that I don’t use/do often enough. Papier mache is stunningly versatile and not JUST for covering balloons in (though that is how I have mainly used it in the past). Sotoday we have some “non balloon” papier mache inspiration for you – check out these crafty and beautiful papier mache cactus. The instructions linked below, show you how to make ONE of these and encourages you to get creative and create your very own designs and processes. Fab. Definitely fancy having a go at this!

Made usingĀ our easy peasy guide to how to make paper mache from flour – inexpensive, environmentally friendly and quick!

More info and pattern over atĀ Design Sponge

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