Cactus Pin cushion (too cute)

Cactus Pin cushion

Oooh this prickly little pin cushion, DID MAKE ME SMILE! cactus crafts - cactus pin cushion - what a cute gift to make for someone that loves sewingFond memories of sewing with my mother as a child, scarily her mouth would be full of pins as she sewed with one eye half shut – this is SO dangerous, we were delighted when she started using a little pin cushion we made her at school.

Which is why we loved this craft of a cactus pin cushion – celebrating the ‘prickles’ of the cactus in a unique and practical way!

What a great idea to make your pins into the prickles of a cactus? Genius little craft idea and practical too. This continues to feed my obsession with cacti.. are you bored yet? But I think this little cactus craft pin cushion is too cute to pass on. It would make a great gift for anyone who likes to sew too.

And a great cactus pin cushion project for the whole class if you wanted to use up some scraps of cloth – it’s so fun!

Check out My So Called Crafty Life for instructions and more info! Lovely.


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