DIY Musical Instrument Crafts

DIY Musical Instrument Crafts

DIY Musical Instrument Crafts

Here are some BEAUTIFUL DIY musical instruments crafts.

musical instrument crafts

To me they don’t look “DIY Musical Instrument Crafts”, they look shop-bought!

It always amazed me, how you can make simple things so easily and so prettily, with just a few little hints and tricks… rainbow coloured elastic bands, suddenly make your homemade string instrument beautiful, a dash of colour here and there and you no longer have a “piece of wood”, but a homemade musical instrument that you can follow the beat with.

Simple ideas, beautifully executed! And we all know how music lifts the spirits, and can be really great fun, and an early introduction to developing the mind through music and movement

Perfect for #MakeMusicDay – yes there IS a Make Music Day – 21 June! Such a great excuse to celebrate making music.

You can get a set of differently sized embroidery hoops here (US readers) or a set for UK readers here. Then explore the different sounds the differnt hoops make. Lots of fun, craft, science AND music in one activity. Brilliant.

Check out Hello Bee for full details on how to make these wonderful musical instruments yourself!

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