tic tac toe stones

tic tac toe stones

tic tac toe rock noughts and crossesDo you call it tic tac toe or noughts & crosses?

Either way, it’s a great game to play when you are out and about… I always try to carry a couple of pencils in my bag if we are going on a journey, as you never know when you might need to have a game of tic tac toe to while away an hour or so.

Other popular travelling games for us, are ‘hangman’ as they are getting better at their spellings, and that fun game where you take it in turns to draw a section of a person, each folding over their drawing, for the next person to continue up from the ankle to the knees etc… you should try it, you get the FUNNIEST characters appearing once the last person has drawn a hat on top of the head!

Needless to say, you could even play tic tac toe with stones on the beach, draw some lines in the sand, and one person have shells, the other rocks… BUT – even better is this colour painted tic tac toe stones version from eighteen25.blogspot – we love how a craft itself becomes a game – and embraces the indoor activity with the outdoor tic tac toe stones fun! Now pop the tic tac toe stones in your handbag, along with four straws, and your away!

Click here to find out exactly how they painted these so beautifully!

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