Imprinted clay bowls

Imprinted clay bowls

imprinted clay bowlsImprinted clay bowls

We do love MAKING a gift… So much more satisfying than a shop bought present, and even kinder on the pocket!

We loved this craft from¬†camillestyle – the¬†imprinted clay bowls lend themselves to so many different style, from the naivety of a young toddler through to the more sophisticated grown-up crafter – either way, the finished effect is quite stunning. We do enjoy a craft that is fun to DO and then equally delightful to use once the crafting is done…

The imprinted clay bowls make fabulous gifts, and we love the idea of using all sorts of things from string, to Christmas decorations to make the prints.

So grab yourself some string and some clay and get making…click here for detailed instructions.


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