Easter Bunny Ears

Easter Bunny Ears

Easter bunny ears jar

Easter Bunny Ears Jar – a quick craft

There is nothing we like better than to don a pair of giant Easter Bunny Ears and go hopping around the garden hiding the eggs for the kids to find – Obviously under cover of darkness, as, with Father Christmas, you are only there to help the Easter Bunny! (My kids still feign belief in the Easter Bunny to ensure that they still have an Easter Egg Hunt every year!)

The weather in the UK doesn’t always allow a DRY day for that sort of activity so it’s great to think of Rainy Day Easter activities too.

Have a look through our blog at our top Easter Crafts – most of them are pretty easy for both you and your kids and for example, you will enjoy attaching these Easter Bunny Ears for the treat jar, which could be filled with hair accessories on the most discerning little girl’s dressing table once Easter is over for the year!

It could be a great Easter Gift for Granny too – filled fill of fluffy cotton wool balls perhaps!

If you didn’t want to use the marshmallows, you could fill the jar with mini eggs, or snack bars, don’t forget to add the fluffy bunny tail though, for more fab suggestions and to read the full post with the ‘how to’ instructions for this great Easter Treat Jar click here



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