Easy DIY Easter Cake Pops

Easy DIY Easter Cake Pops

Easy DIY Easter Cake Pops

Easy DIY Easter Cake Pops


It’s that time of year again – we can’t tell you how much we love Easter, there are SO many crafts, and things to make, like these Easy DIY Easter Cake Pops – as Easter covers so many topics, aside from the obvious religious connotations there are Easter Bunnies, Easter Eggs, Easter Chicks – and even little lambs as we head into the Spring season.

Such a lovely time of year too, with so much promise – and all of the crafts we’ve come across for Easter really have inspired us and cheered us through the winter months, Spring and Summer are on their way! hooray! And we just love the old Easter Egg hunt in Grandma’s back garden, a long established tradition that remains to this day, even with the boys heading towards teen-dom!

Probably the most popular crafts tend to involve baking in our house, yet as the kids get older, they still love a chocolate nest – and these super simple no-bake Easter Cake Pop Treats spotted over on missielizzie-meandmyshadow.blogspot.co.uk really hit the spot!

Long time fans of the chocolate mini egg, I think it may be tricky to actually get as far as assembling them into a nest once the packets of chocolate mini eggs are open, so perhaps stock up on more than one pack! There are so many ways of using these mini eggs too, so definitely worth getting hold of some pre-Easter (given that you will probably eat most of them before you’ve even got crafty!)

Just imagine what fun you could have together making these Easy DIY Easter Cake Pops, it’s one of those ‘crafts’ we love – really fun to make together, and so much kudos for the finished work, although, not for long, as you will not be able to resist gobbling them up!

Really, you have to check out the full, ‘how to’ over on Lizzie’s blog – as she goes through the easy step by step guide to making these Easy DIY Easter Cake Pops – the eating bit is even easier!


Oh and you can find those mini eggs here in the UK

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