Egg crafts – Junk Modelling

Egg crafts – Junk Modelling

junk modellingOh how we LOVE Junk Modelling.

We have a big old vase in our kitchen, and whenever we have a milk bottle lid, or a beer cap, an old screw or a spare hook, we pop it in the old vase… These little bits and pieces build up gradually, and come in so useful when the kids want to have a junk modelling session.

These ‘spare parts’ being on the small side, work really well for smaller crafting projects too, so it was with some joy that we came across this wonderful miniature junk modelling project from Lemon Lime Adventures… using blown EGGS of all things, for the base of their structures! We love to upcycle all of these little bits and pieces too… so much better than going to landfill.

(and we all know that LARGE junk modelling projects take up so much room, and the kids NEVER want them to be thrown away do they?!)

To read more of this Egg-citing junk modelling project and to see some wonderful photos, click here


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